Limited Company – Accounts & Tax

All limited companies established in Hong Kong must prepare the management accounts, financial statements and auditor’s reports at least annually.

If the IRD has already issued a tax return to the company, the company needs to complete the above accounts and reports within the specified time limit in order to properly complete and submit the tax return.

Generally, the tax return needs to be submitted within 1 month (not a newly established company) or within 3 months (a newly established company).

If we are appointed as your company’s tax representative, we will extend the submission deadline for your company free of charge.

All of our commercial service charges are based on workload, and the basis of charges is clear and transparent.

Moreover, we have always embraced the concepts of “I save time, you save money” and provide customers with professional services at reasonable prices, which have won many praises over the years.

When we get in touch with new customer, we provide customer with quick and feasible advice by fully understanding the company’s operation and accounting documents, and will also guide customer in the skills of organizing documents, so as to achieve a long-term win-win situation.

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