【Anti-epidemic Fund】5 Key Points for Beauty Parlours and Massage Establishments Subsidy Scheme

1. Subsidy Amount:

Each eligible premises will receive a one-off subsidy depending on its number of workers: –

Number of workers 1 to 2 workers: Subsidy amount HK$30,000
Number of workers 3 to 4 workers: Subsidy amount HK$60,000
Number of workers 5 or more workers: Subsidy amount HK$100,000


2. Application Period:

From 9:00 a.m. on 11 May 2020 to 11:59 p.m. on 17 May 2020
****Late applications will not be entertained****


3. Eligibility (Extract):

a. Operates its business “independently” at a “fixed location”,and have been in operation before 10 April 2020

b. Provide at least one of the following services as its “main business” (but non-medical purpose)—
– Skin and facial care services;
– Weight control and slimming services;
– Nail treatment;
– Tattooing and/or piercing;
– Hair loss improvement and/or hairdressing;
– Body massage and/or spa treatment;
– Foot reflexology; and/or
– Other beauty, care, prettifying and/or massage service on any part of the body.

c. The relevant premises is not eligible for other “premises-based” subsidy schemes under the second round of the “Anti-epidemic Fund”, e.g. bathhouses, clubhouses or fitness centres.


4. Application Procedures:

Online Application (Note: separate application for each premise)


5. Documents Required (within 10 MB in JPEG format):

a. Business Registration Certificate – image x 1
b. One address proof of the shop issued in the last three months – image x 1
c. Shop exterior (with its name and shop front) – recent photo x 1
d. Shop interior (with its name and shop front) – recent photo x 1
e. MPF remittance statement issued in the last three months (showing the number and name of worker), “or”, one monthly payroll record in the last three months (which indicates the number and name of paid worker) as certified by a practising accountant (JPEG/PDF)
f. Bank statement issued in the last three months / Passbook – image x 1



If you cannot provide the “MPF Contribution Settlement Statement”, you must provide the “Payment Record issued by a Certified Public Accountant”, otherwise you will only be granted a maximum of HK$30,000 subsidy!!!


Contact “CPA (Practising)” now, to issue the one month Payment Record!


If you are not sure how to fill out the application form, please contact us immediately, without further delay!


Source: Government Website



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