Human Resources and Payroll Outsourcing Service in Hong Kong

Human resources are valuable assets for every company. Managing the payroll, employers and employees’ tax declarations, and MPF is time-consuming and requires professional knowledge.

Mishandling this may disharmonize the relationship between employer and employees and lead to legal disputes affecting a company’s operations and reputation.

Outsourcing human resources to professional teams can significantly help alleviate SMEs founders and managers’ pressure and workload.

Payroll and MPF Management Services

One Success 實得企業顧問有限公司

One Success provides an advanced payroll management system, serving small teams to large companies with hundreds of people. Our services include:

Human Resource and Tax management

One Success 實得企業顧問有限公司

We offer all-encompassing human resource management services with tailor-made solutions to our clients. Some popular services used by our Hong Kong SME clients include:

Cloud-based HR Management for Simplicity

One Success 實得企業顧問有限公司

Cloud accounting is one of our expertise. We provide comprehensive payroll and human resources outsourcing solutions to Hong Kong companies using Xero or other cloud accounting platforms, enabling employers and managers to oversee the payroll and human resources record through desktops or mobile apps anytime and anywhere.

Our accountants only provide practical and straightforward human resource solutions, including professional training and consultation to help SME managers familiarize themselves with the cloud system and improve management efficiency in a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Human Resources and Payroll Outsourcing Service

A: Dealing with employees’ salaries, MPF, and taxation is cumbersome and involves specialized legal knowledge. Outsourcing this part of the work will help SMEs to concentrate resources to expand the core business.

A: Cloud-based are convenient to access and manage, helping companies reduce the costs and systematically store the salary records of all employees, which contribute to the establishment of a sound management structure.

A: In Hong Kong, as long as an employee aged between 18 and 64 and have been hired for 60 days on a full-time or part-time basis, he must participate in the MPF scheme. The minimum contribution is 5% for employers and employees. Self-employed people must also contribute to MPF. Exemptions only apply to a few cases.

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