Company Secretarial & Corporate Compliance Services in Hong Kong

According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, a limited company must appoint at least one company secretary. The duty is to ensure that the company complies with all statutory requirements.

The role of a company secretary is like a bridge between the government and the company. The duty includes preparing documents for annual general meetings, filing all required records to government departments, handling business registration renewal, etc.

One Success holds the “Trust or Company Service Provider License” and offers comprehensive company secretarial services. Our team of skilled accountants ensures reliable practices for all our clients.

Hassle-free Company Secretarial Services

Plenty of works need to be handled by a company secretary. One Success provides Hong Kong limited companies with affordable solutions. Our major services include:


Submit the annual return to the Companies Registry

Renew business registration certificate

Prepare the documents for changing the company secretary and director

Prepare the documents for changing the company's registered address

Share transfer or issuance of new shares

Prepare the significant controllers register

Prepare meeting minutes

Deregister of a limited company

Change the business nature

Provide professional consultation services and advise on statutory regulations and company secretary compliance duties

Customize other company secretarial services according to clients' needs

FAQs About Company Secretary Service

Looking for Company Secretary Service?

What is a company secretary?

The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance stipulates that every Hong Kong-registered limited company must appoint a company secretary whose duties include:

  • Arrange annual general meetings
  • Prepare meeting minutes
  • Submit statutory records and documents to the government to ensure that the company meets statutory requirements
What is the difference between a company secretary and a personal secretary?

The company secretary is a role that a limited company must appoint under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, and the duties are as described above. A personal secretary is generally an assistant to the boss, and the boss determines the scope of work. The two are not necessarily related, but since both are called “secretaries” and are standard job titles in the company, many people confuse their roles.

Who can be the company secretary?

The company secretary of a limited company in Hong Kong can be an individual or a corporation. Those who serve as individuals must be Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above residing in Hong Kong. If it is a corporate body, it must have a registered office in Hong Kong. The company secretary can be a director concurrently, but he cannot serve as the company secretary if the company has only one director.

Can a company secretary be replaced?

Yes. It can be changed by filling in the Notice of Change of Company Secretary and Director (ND2A) form and submit it to the Companies Registry.

What is the authority of a company secretary?

The company secretary is responsible for performing the duties mentioned above and does not own any managemental or decision-making powers unless the company’s board of directors formally authorizes it.

My company does not have the right person to be the secretary. What should I do?

A limited company can appoint a third-party legal entity to act as the company secretary. One Success, established by a professional business and accounting team, provides comprehensive company secretarial and other corporate advisory services, which can help you solve your problems in compliance.

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