Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping for Hong Kong Companies

An accurate and concise financial statement helps company shareholders have a holistic assessment of a company, providing valuable insights for making strategic decisions in the future. Only professional and reliable accountants understand how to produce a complete account efficiently and accurately. One Success is founded by Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and business professionals in Hong Kong. We are on a mission to provide reliable accounting and bookkeeping services for Hong Kong SMEs.

Our Accounting Services

Handle daily accounting and bookkeeping

Prepare balance sheet, income statement, and financial statement

Create budget reports

Prepare annual audits and year-end financial statement

Help companies establish and enhance daily accounting processes

Install cloud accounting system and provide training

Consolidated Financial Statements

We provide monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting services on your needs, such as preparing financial statements, income statements and other financial reports, which help companies meet the requirements set by Company Ordinances. We also provide digital accounting reports with a detailed breakdown so that clients can stay on top of their companies operation.

Transparent Pricing

We set our service charges based on workload, which is totally transparent to our clients. We also offer onsite accounting and bookkeeping to serve you with our best. One Success upholds the principle of affordability and zero hidden fees, which help our customers save the cost of hiring and training professional accounting staff and make better use of resources.

Smart Cloud Accounting

We offer tailor-made accounting services to clients, using designated accounting formats to fulfill their genuine needs and statutory requirements. We especially encourage clients to use cloud accounting services. The benefits include 24/7 access to data, management costs reduction, and systematic storage of data. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about cloud accounting or our other accounting bookkeeping services.

Step-by-Step Accounting for SMEs

Step 1:Provide free consultation and analyze your need

Step 2:Propose tailor-made solutions and preliminary quotations

Step 3:Discuss and confirms the scope of work and agreements in detail

Step 4:Accountants start to work and collect necessary financial records from clients

Step 5:Complete the preparation of financial reports and statements

Step 6:Listen to your feedback discreetly and make amendments when necessary

FAQs About Accounting and Bookkeeping

Want to simplify your accounting management?

Why should SMEs pay attention to daily accounting and bookkeeping?

According to the Companies Ordinance, all limited companies in Hong Kong must conduct statutory audits annually. Every limited company’s administrative staff should adequately manage their daily accounting and bookkeeping to prepare for the tax season. If a company fails to comply with the Tax Ordinance to submit proper financial records without a reasonable justification, it can be fined up to HK$100,000.

Why should I outsource my company's accounting work?

By outsourcing accounting work to professional accountants, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save time on accounting work and concentrate workforce and resources in your primary business
  • Ensure the bookkeeping is orderly and meets the standards required for the preparation of the annual financial statements
  • Receive professional financial statements which help understand the company’s operations and enhance the decision-making process
  • Appoint a dedicated team to manage the company’s invoices and financial records properly
  • Stay informed of all important dates and avoid late payments or being fined
What software can SMEs use to manage their daily and bookkeeping?

In Hong Kong, the accounting software widely used by SMEs include Microsoft Excel, Xero, and Quickbook. Feel free to contact our accounting specialists, and let us offer you a free consultation to find out the choice that fits you the best.

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