Accounting Made Simple for Every SME

One Success is a financial advisory and business consultation company founded by a team of accounting professionals in Hong Kong. Our mission is to support Hong Kong SMEs in reaching fertile and profitable business outcomes while using the best budget, resources, effort, and time.

Our accounting, audit arrangement, and corporate advisory services help SME founders and managers improve operational efficiency and reach their business breakthroughs. Let’s grow together!

Professional and Experienced

Our founder has gained extensive accounting and auditing experience in both large and small businesses, including the Big Four accounting firms and listed companies. Our services are characterized by precision, punctuality, and attentiveness to detail.

Transparent and Affordable

We prioritize transparency by providing clear explanations of the prices and purposes of our products to our customers. No hidden charges will be imposed on our clients.

Wide Range of Services

We offer a range of convenient services that Hong Kong SMEs commonly require, such as company formation, accounting, tax filing, funding application, marketing, and more. We provide a one-stop solution to fulfill your business needs.

Comprehensive SME Accounting & Business Support

Tailor-made Accounting Solution

SMEs have unique accounting needs depending on their business and operating models. Our accounting solutions are customized to meet those specific needs, whether it be for a digital start-up or a traditional industry. By using fewer resources, we are able to provide greater value to our clients.

Register Your Company Effortlessly

Starting a company with One Success is easy and quick. You can complete the process of opening a limited company and a bank account in just a few days. This way, you can focus on your business with peace of mind and start operating right away.

Virtual Office Services

At One Success, we offer virtual office services that can provide your business with a professional address for customer registration and communication purposes. Additionally, we handle the collection of letters and packages, including government documents, bank letters, and business correspondence.

Tailor-made Tax Saving Solutions

Every limited company must pay taxes, but every entrepreneur wants to reduce some tax burden. One Success’s tax experts find the most proper legal tax avoidance plan so you can maximize your company’s resources more efficiently.

Accounting Work Done Effortlessly

Systematic and accurate financial statements help evaluate business performances, leading companies to the right path to success. Our professional accountants provide reliable and effective accounting services, supporting you all along with your entrepreneurship.

All-in-one Consulting Services

The business environment changes rapidly every day. How can companies overcome challenges and grab opportunities to reach their triumph? One Success’s SME expert team will delicately devise management and operation plans for you.

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