Accounting Made Simple for Every SME

One Success is a financial advisory and business consultation company founded by a team of accounting professionals in Hong Kong. Our mission is to support Hong Kong SMEs in reaching fertile and profitable business outcomes while making the best use of budget, resource, effort and time.

Our accounting, audit arrangement and corporate advisory services help SME founders and managers improve operational efficiency and reach their business breakthroughs. Let’s grow together!

State-of-the-art Cloud Accounting Solution to Streamline Business Operation

Digital transformation of SMEs is an irreversible trend. In terms of accounting and finance, cloud accounting improves the efficiency of business management indispensably. We provide low-cost 24/7 cloud accounting solutions, allowing SMEs to create greater value with fewer resources.

Win at the Starting Line with Our Company Registration Service

Opening a company through One Success is fast and effortless. It only takes a few days to open a limited company. Then you will be able to start your business immediately.

Peace of mind audit arrangement service for SMEs

Limited companies registered in Hong Kong have to conduct annual audit according to legal requirements, which causes headaches for many SMEs founders. Audit arrangement is our expertise. We will use our profession to serve you with the best.

Tailor-made Tax Saving Solutions

Every limited company is obligated to pay taxes, but every entrepreneur wants to reduce some tax burden. One Success’s tax experts find the most proper legal tax avoidance plan so you can maximize your company’s resources more efficiently.

Accounting Work Done Effortlessly

Systematic and accurate financial statements help evaluate business performances, leading companies to the right path to success. Our professional accountants provide reliable and effective accounting service, supporting you all along with your entrepreneurship.

All-in-one Consulting Services

Business environment changes rapidly every day. How can companies overcome challenges and grab opportunities to reach their triumph? One Success’s SME expert team will delicately devise management and operation plans for you.

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